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We at The Center For True Self provide many types of ALIGNMENTS: for people, pets, to your home & offices. Alignments refer to as working with the energy flow internally in the body and external space.

We at The Center For True Self provide body work, aligning the flow of the body, internally promoting flow, removing blockages Energy to energy work, sound therapy, stone therapy, and diamond therapy. External work promoting energy flow, within home and work space.

To scan is to check what is going on - it can be shallow or deep.

Alignments of the body focus on the whole body through the understanding that a problem area may just be a symptom of the real problem. We get to the root of the problem or area of blockage and provide a balancing of the full body.

Our space aligners - working on space aligning the flow. We make sure the flow of the space is appropriate to the individual and the flow matches the space of the individual as well..

We provide many types-of alignments from energy, sound ,stone, crystal, diamond and tuning forks alignments for people, pets, to your home & offices. We are not here to tell you what medication or drugs to be on that is not our job or our work. Our alignments are like reiki and feng shui but with out the religion or stucker but upholding the flow of the body in a clean and healthy environment - we work with the whole body

Scan the body

Aligning the body’s energy flow

Scan spaces

Space’s Energy Flow.


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