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Please use the Application Form below to apply to The Center For True Self

There is an application processing fee of $35. Apply Now and get a free on line session log valued over $100.00 View Sample Session Log

You can make this payment on the following page (after you submit this form) via credit card, bank card or echeck using our preferred payment method PayPal.Com. PayPal is fast, secure and your information is never transferred, sold or used again. If one would rather pay in person there will be a $10. handling fee in added, so it is $45 this applies to the application other arraignment may be made also.

All info that is provided to The Center For True Self LLC is held confidential!!! We at The Center For True Self LLC, DO NOT share nor sell condfidential information with outsiders !!!

Please fill in all fields and please read
The Terms of Service Agreement before filling in this form
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How did you hear about The Center For True Self?
What work, session(s) & location do plan to participate in?
Give us an overveiw of what has been going on in your life up to this point?
What do expect to gain in your relationship with The Center For True Self?
In the case of accidents/emergencies whom would you like us to contact?
Give a summary of reasons/feelings you are fit to participate with The Center For True Self LLC
Where do you see your self in the next year?
Where do you see your self in the next 5 years?
Have you ever participated in The Center For True Self or any other similar field? Please give details.
Additional Comments:
Terms of Service Agreement: I understand, have read and agree to the Terms Of Service Agreement

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