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Classes are progressional non-adictive non-political and based on real time and real reality. Our classes provide basic principles.

Apropriately Open The Body, Reviving, Letting GO! Healing & Finding Flow

Pre - work

Prepairing the body and the mind for the work

Basic - work

Basic and base Chakra and channel work.

Extended - work

Basic Extentions Chakra and channel work

Deep - work

Deeper - Body work

Flow - work

Finding flow, experiencing flow and allowing the flow.

All classes are tailored and geared to the client's maximum progression and understanding.

We ask that all students progress in work to the next safety point in the case of cancellation.

If you are interested in our classes, let us know and we will be happy to aid you through the techniques.You can set up personal sessions, 1 on 1 or join a group for sessions, so contact us to find out what is available.

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