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Our consultations are provided by those with ESP wiring as well as a strong understanding of HWC.

Insight is the ability to provide information about ones life. Past, present and future by having clairvoyants, clairaudience wiring and/or by using tools . There are many levels to insight and many have different abilities of insight.

What makes us different

Before any consultation our consultants take 1 to 1 1/2 hours to set up, clean the space, meditating and clearing themselves.


After the session consultants take 1 to 1 1/2 hours to clean the space, break down, meditating and debriefing.

All this is inline to provide a more appropriate and cleaner environment.

For couples, sessions are done one on one, then together.

In the case of a missing person. We ask that a law enforcement office contact us.

We do not provide spying or snooping !

We provide a non-public, neutral, confidential and safe environment.

All of our rates are up front.

These are some differences between us and some others known as phycics, fortune tellers and mediums.

Coaching provided by individual with understanding of HWC.

Aiding provided by Individual with understanding of HWC and use of Shallow Insight.

Deep Sight provided by Individual with understanding the HWC and use of Deep Insight.

The application form will need to be filled out.

For Deep Sight Work & Aiding NA (non-applicable) may be filled in to all appropriate fields.

Please contact us to find out availability.

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