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You want to be The Best We have the TOOLS

So you want to be the Best. Let us help you Get to that point and beyond! We have coaching to aid you in maximizing your full potential. Book your next session NOW!
Happy B - day

Mark,Bill, Tim, Edward , Megan, Dawn, Paul, Heather, Peter, Dan, Jim, Mike, Johny, Bob, Ken, Karen, Dan, Alan, TJ, Misty, Amy, John, Tommy,Jimmy, Kim, Tim, Kelly,Matt, Sue , Janet, Jay, Lari, Bill,Steven, ANY AND ALL THE REST OF YOU WITH A B-DAY THIS MONTH !!!
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So much of our work through ASH the last few years brought hope to those that were with out hope. Aiding others in self-empowerment and aiding self healing. We lost track of keeping up with the web site and the updating, that when go-daddy changed the platform much of the web site does not work with our old scripts on the site. No worries in time and funding Super Michele will have it running smooth again !!! MichelesWebDesign.Com Not to blame it on ASH or the work we did with the State of Texas, we just got lost on the big pic. It was such a honor to be there for the many we were of service to! We still give some time and mow we are training many others to be there of service in our world , Keep up with our progress of the site at
We have a new News letter page
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