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Terms Of Service Agreement - The Center For True Self LLC

I understand and am willing to comply with these following terms of service.

Individuals/Clients/Guests are solely responsible for themselves and personal property. (The Center For True Self & Workers do their best to set up an appropriate working place.) Any and all persons participating in any sessions/activities/classes wave any and all rights to sue members or affiliates (including building owners) of The Center For True Self, LLC.

In some states this work may be considered entertainment & The Center For True Self looks as entertainment in a 17th century way, both partys are active.

We ask that there be no drugs on site. Drugs are anything that changes chemicals in the body including the mind and body flow. Any phycisian prescribed medications need to be reported to the staff beforehand.

In cases of inappropriate behavior sessions may be ended before scheduled, a strike may be given and refund is null and void.

We ask that you do not bring weapons on the premises without our approval. In the case your body guard does accompany you please inform us in such a situation.

All books are open to the public. (Upon request)

Session and Folders are held confidentially.

Dealing in high regards with Truth, Honesty, Realty & Respect.

All work and teachings are solely for the client, student, training personal experts and can only be used in their own life. Premission may be granted to those by request.

Sometimes we will use stories of some of our graduated clients in order to help new ones along but we never use true names or personal information. We do our utmost to keep your name and personal information totally confidential.

The Center For True Self, LLC workers are granted the right and hold the right to cease working with any client, student, trainor or hosting agency at any time with out reason or explanation.

Arrival for sessions must be within 15 minute window time allotted. (15min. before or after given session time, otherwise a NO SHOW)

Cancellations must be within 48hr. prior to a session. (Otherwise a NO SHOW)

All NO SHOWS (WILL BE BILLED ACCORDINGLY & a STRIKE will be held against you.)

NO outside information sharing

No celebrity autographs

STRIKES may give be given for any inappropriate behavior

We follow the rule, 3 STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT!

All work is based on Wiring Connections.

The Center For True Self is here to promote a better quality of life. TO AID - NOT DO FOR.

The Center For True Self LLC reserves the right to change policies at any time and at will. All changes will be posted.

I Agree With These Terms Of Service Concerning The Center For True Self and I will not hold them liable in any way.

Please take a moment now to fill out the application.

NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age please DOWNLOAD our Participation Permission Slip and have your parent or guardian fill it out then return it to us.
(To Download: Right Click on DOWNLOAD - Save Target As)

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