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Training others to work with others

Our techniques vary from lecture, research, hands on, and experience

Unlocking the Truth of the times

Revealing the hidden truths


From set up techniques to cleanup and debriefing


Review of different techniques and methods to working with others


Training others in identification, techniques and use

Fortune Telling 101

Fortune Telling 201
Ethics, setting up, clean up, debriefing

Fortune Telling 202
Deeper look at Divination tools

Energy work

In this set of trainings, the beginning of understanding the internal and external energy flow.

The body energy

Understanding the use of energy

Energy space

Energy understanding, the flow of energy and redirection of energy


TTT training tomorrows teachers

All trainings are progressional and all have prerequisites.

Training encompasses the learning of techniques, methods, some history, setting up, clean up, debriefing, as well as hands on experience.

If you are interested in Training Sessions , let us know we be delighted to show you the techniques old and new so you can appropriately work with others. Group sessions or personal sessions are always starting so contact us.

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